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Welcome to Evoke, MRCC's version of the Bible Answer Man,
where pastor Greg answers your questions:

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06.7 - Why is the Song of Songs in the Cannon?
06.6 - What does it mean to “blaspheme” the Holy Spirit?
06.5 - Is Mark 16:17-18 promoted at MRCC?
06.4 - When does the sould enter the fetus?
06.3 - Is Jesus the only person with a spirit that previously existed?
06.2 - Question from a 9 year old: Can you elaborate on Isaiah 45:7?
06.1 - What did Jesus mean in John 20:23?

05.6 - Will those that are saved face the white throne judgment?
05.5 - Does MRCC have an elder board?
05.4 - Does MRCC believe in praying in tongues?
05.3 - What does Matthew 9:8 mean about the authority of men?
05.2 - How do we know what we believe is correct over what others believe?
05.1 - What about judging and capital punishment?

04.5 - What happened to the Israelites that didn't make it to the promised land?
04.4 - How is someone's faith shipwrecked?
04.3 - Is saying God I need a Savior enough?
04.2 - Is drinking alcohol a sin?
04.1 - Can you marry with God's blessing after a divorce?

03.6 - If God gives better gifts than earthly parents, why are many Christians poor or sick?
03.5 - How do we trust God won’t leave us when he left the Israelites so often?
03.4 - What is your view on dispensationlism?
03.3 - Why do women want sympathy instead of empathy?
03.2 - if God is love, how can God withhold his wrath with so much sin in the world?
03.1 - What is your opinon of Once saved, always saved?

02.5 - Can you give us some insight on the Trinity?
02.4 - What does the bible mean when it says a sin is against your own body?
02.3 - Who wrote the book of Hebrews?
02.2 - Who will hear the loud command and trumpet when Christ returns?
02.1 - Why does God call kids home before their time?

01.5 - How can Jesus claim to be kind and gentle, yet treat the moneychangers the way he did?
01.4 - Is there any mention of extraterrestrials in the Bible?
01.3 - Can you explain the difference between the fruit of the Spirit, and the gifts of the Spirit?
01.2 - How can I convince my spouse to see the power of God?
01.1 - Does God see our addictions as a sin, or a weakness?